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Why settle for a cyclone when you can get a Geyser

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If you have ever felt revitalised when walking by the sea, or enjoyed the fresh, clean air after a shower of rain, you will know how good it feels ... as nature intended.

Outside, nature is continuously refreshing the air with water - rain, snow, dew and wind purifies the air and washes away high pollution levels, leaving it healthy to breathe in again.

On average however, we only spend about 10% of our time outdoors, the rest of our time is spent indoors, mostly in our own homes. Though most of us are aware of the hazards of outside air pollution, few of us know that inside air pollution levels are often 50 times higher than on a busy street.

Indoor air pollution is primarily caused by every day 21st Century living - house dust, pets, fumes from cooking and household cleaning products, dead skin, smoke, insects, mites and their droppings - all of which contribute to health problems, including suffering with allergy, skin conditions and asthma.

We take over 40,000 breaths a day...

We inhale approximately a spoonful of fine dust into our lungs each day.

The HYLA works using a unique state-of-the-art water filtration system, forcing the air through a water bath, to trap dust, dirt and bacteria safely, ensuring only fresh, clean air is returned back into the room. Unlike most cleaners, it does not use conventional filters, which can become easily clogged after limited use, allowing small particles of fine dust - such as microscopic common house mite droppings - to pass right through the filter and back into the air we breathe. These are the sort of particles that cause major problems to asthma and allergy sufferers.


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